We made pasta better.

With only two simple ingredients.

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Meet the three

Hi! We’re Annie, Mollie & Grace.

We’re all too familiar with what runs to the grocery store look like. If you’re anything like us it usually involves a baby in the cart, and a kid or two hanging off the cart. The days of slowly strolling through the grocery aisles flipping packages over to see if the ingredients fit your needs or not are over (for this season of life at least!)

We want you to know that when you put Three Farm Daughters products in your cart you can be certain that they are the best you could choose to nourish yourself and your family with.

Welcome to the family,

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oh my word! Have you seen what people are saying?!
  • I’ve ordered pasta 2x for my family now and we truly love it. Delicious, light, very nutritious and the packaging is on point.

    Jessica M

  • Best pasta I’ve ever had. More body, texture and firmness than regular soggy noodles. Had last night for the first time. I’m going to use it exclusively.


  • I purchased the four pack of linguine directly from the website. We shared some with a family friend (former chef), who loved it as well! The flavor was great, perfect texture....

    Laura P

  • The pasta cooked up beautifully! Perfect texture — even after reheating the next day! Family favorite and pantry staple!

    Rebekah S

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