3 Farm Daughters Cavatappi Finds a Home at Whole Foods

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We have some exciting news folks. Whole Foods  is now carrying 3 Farm Daughters Cavatappi in all of their Midwest locations. Our Cavatappi will be accompanying  our other 3 shapes already featured on their shelves. 

3 Farm Daughters Cavatappi is the ideal choice when shopping, for those in search of a Low Glacemic Index pasta. This means it can help you maintain steady blood sugar levels, making it a smart choice for individuals who are conscious about their carbohydrate intake.This is a  pasta that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy the rich, authentic flavors of our pasta without worrying about unwanted spikes in your blood sugar – it's a delicious and nutritious option that you'll love.

We are thrilled to offer our Cavatappi to those foodie, health- conscious shoppers of Whole Foods. 

Find A Midwest Whole Foods Near You to grab your 3 Farm Daughters pasta today!

Not only are our pasta shapes a healthy meal base designed to deliciously boost protein and fiber in your diet: They’re also a versatile canvas for creating masterpieces with nutrient-rich veggies, lean proteins, and a palette of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to shine!


To help you craft perfectly-rounded meals from 3 Farm Daughters’ pasta, check out our recipes page to give you all the vitality, satisfaction, and nutritional goodness you need to thrive. Let's get started!

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