Can Eating Pasta Really Boost Your Mood?

it's proven: eating pasta actually improves your mood! 

I think we’re all familiar with the joys pasta can bring... Nothing compares to the delight of knowing there’s a big bowl of your favorite pasta planned for dinner, and counting down the hours till it’s time to indulge. That mouthwatering anticipation before the first delicious bite, and the combo of robust flavors paired with tooth-sinking textures that excite the palate like no other. And who could forget that blissful feeling of satisfaction you get from a belly full of good, clean comfort food? 

We're not sure who first coined the phrase 
"Happiness is a warm bowl of pasta", we couldn't agree more.

f you're already smiling at the very thought of digging into a dish of pasta topped with your favorite sauce or baked into a cozy casserole, you're not alone. As one of the ultimate foods people get excited about, it’s little wonder that the bottom of a pasta dish is the first place so many of us look whenever we're seeking comfort, indulgence or delicious gratification! And honestly - all evidence points to our instincts being spot on when it comes to boosting happiness this way.

There's a powerful connection between moods and foods, and plenty of experts are claiming that high-quality pasta can actually boost your feel-good vibes on a psychological and physical level, far beyond the simple enjoyment we experience while eating it!

In addition to the obvious comfort food factor, there's also several science-backed biological mechanisms that come into play from consuming pasta, effectively increasing our happiness and helping to regulate our moods for the better.

With compounds that kickstart our feel-good hormones, nourish our gut microbiome, and bolster our neurotransmitters that relieve stress, it's proven: Pasta really is the perfect ally for feeling your brightest and best.

Let's dig into these delightful discoveries below, and see what scientists have to say about pasta being the ultimate feel-good food to improve your mood.

eat yourself happy with pasta!

High-quality pasta delights more than just your taste buds! Here's how the science behind this delicious feel-good food helps you eat your way to happiness...

6. pasta provides a sustained energy boost, no crash

Hate feeling "hangry"? We've all been there. Fortunately, pasta is an excellent mood stabilizer and helps fend off feelings of irritation, brain fog and lethargy between meals. When you dig into a satisfying pasta dish for your main meals, the complex carbohydrates are slowly broken down into glucose, then converted into ATP - the powerhouse molecule that fuels your body's cells. This slow-burning glucose provides your brain and body with a steady rise and tapering off of energy, avoiding any unpleasant sensations or crash that wreaks havoc on your happy demeanor.

With high-quality pasta like Three Farm Daughters, you can look forward to a long-lasting pep in your step that gets you through till dinner without breaking a sweat!

5. eating pasta releases a rush of endorphins

Ahh, endorphins. You might know these "happy hormones" best as that feeling you get after a good workout, dancing to your favorite music, or - dare we say it - a good romp in the hay! Endorphins are a group of stress-busting, pain-relieving hormones secreted in the brain and nervous system that flood your body with an overall sensation of wellbeing, relaxation, and vitality, plus a mild analgesic and euphoric effect.

They're usually triggered in response to physical exertion, stress or pain - but studies have revealed you can get a burst of blissed-out endorphins from consuming the high-quality complex carbohydrates in pasta!

4. better sleep = brighter days

We all know the miraculous effect a good night's sleep can have on our happiness levels and outlook on life - and eating pasta for dinner is an excellent way to prepare your body for your most restful sleep possible! Thanks to its combination of tryptophan and high-fiber complex carbohydrates, pasta works wonders on the hormones that honor your body's rest requirements, fend off insomnia, and help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Pasta works in two ways to send your body into this rest and repair mode: First, by suppressing the secretion of cortisol stress hormones that keep your mind racing, then boosting tryptophan - a powerful serotonin precursor that helps you feel sleepy, satisfied and relaxed. Together, these two neurohormonal mechanisms are the perfect recipe for winding down at night. Dig into a healthy, comforting Three Farm Daughters pasta dinner next time you need a restorative sleep and smiles for miles the following day!



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3. pasta summons your serotonin

Digging deep for an extra dash of joy? We could all use a boost in the happiness department from time to time - and it turns out that when we're feeling stressed out, strung out or anxious, our cravings for pasta have been pointing us in the right direction!

After enjoying a hearty dish of pasta, the breakdown of carbohydrates allows tryptophan to pass through the blood-brain barrier. From there, it's converted into serotonin, the mood-stabilizing neurotransmitter responsible for feeling calm, safe and satisfied. Healthy serotonin levels help stave off anxiety, depression and mood dysregulation, making pasta a wonderful natural happiness booster. 

2. prebiotic pasta promotes a happy gut-brain axis

We can't speak for all pasta varieties - but when you try Three Farm Daughters pasta, you'll employ a heavy-hitter in the happiness stakes. Meet resistant starch fiber - the ultimate good mood food. 

Turns out, the majority of our serotonin is actually created in our gut - and when we nourish our gut microbiota with slow-digesting starch that produces higher levels of butyrate, our digestive flora thrive. Three Farm Daughters Pasta is an effortless way to enjoy digestive health and mood benefits, thanks to the high concentration of naturally-occurring prebiotic fiber in our pasta's wheat. Many experts refer to the gut as the second brain, and when the good bacteria in your digestive system are flourishing, you'll notice a boost in brain function, mood and feelings of contentment!

1. pasta pairs well with other feel-good foods

Last but not least, pasta is an integral part of happiness-boosting diets, making it the ideal meal base for wholesome, nutrient-dense dinners. With pasta as the foundation, it's easy to squeeze plenty of mood-balancing ingredients into your diet that will have you glowing with vitality.

When you combine pasta's complex carbohydrates with toppings like extra virgin olive oil, lean protein, veggies, nuts and seeds that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, antioxidants, and zinc; it takes all the guesswork out of creating balanced meals that soothe the nervous system and nourish your neurotransmitters. In short, pasta truly is a perfect antidote to a case of the blues!

Need some inspiration for balanced dinners packed with goodness? Check out our Top 20 Quick & Easy Pasta Recipes for effortless weeknight meals that are on the table in 30 minutes flat!

Get energized with vegetarian pasta protein

As you can see, when it comes to food-based happiness hacks, pasta is the real deal.

Pasta not only makes us feel happier by exciting our senses and satisfying our desire for deliciousness, it works on many levels beyond our taste buds alone - Releasing chemical messengers in our brains and nurturing the various biological systems that positively impact our mental state.

Talk about a feel-good food that’s good for you too! In case you need any more reasons to love pasta, don’t forget: You can always find some joy in a bowl of your favorite Three Farm Daughters pasta next time you need a boost!

Learn more about how pasta supports your most vibrant, balanced life with these 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Pasta, and discover which pasta brand reigns supreme in terms of taste, nutrition, satisfaction factor and more.

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With Three Farm Daughters, you truly can have your pasta and eat it too. Our high fiber, protein-rich pastas support your most vibrant life - You can almost taste the golden North Dakota sunshine in every bite! Experience happiness in a bowl today:

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