5 Easy Homemade Pasta Sauces Every Cook Should Know

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As a fellow pasta lover, we know you're passionate about good food that's done right. But let's face it... Despite how convenient store-bought sauces may be, they rarely deliver the depth, flavor or deliciousness your pasta deserves.

If you live for luscious and delectable ways to dress up your dinner, homemade pasta sauces are the only way to go. When you stir up sauces from scratch, you're in for a vibrant, versatile pasta dish that's big on taste and nutrient-dense. And don't forget, they also contain a healthy sprinkling of love as a secret ingredient!

So, if you're serious about superior sauces on your pasta but worry about what's involved to get that delicious dinner on the table, we've got some great news...

Fortunately, there's no need to spend hours by the stove, or struggling your way through a bunch of complicated culinary techniques. To enjoy the most mouthwatering homemade sauces, all you need is a few quick and easy recipes to work with, build upon, and customize to your heart's content.

Once you get the basics down, all these versatile recipes below can be modified and mixed with other ingredients to create your own unique flavors and expand your repertoire of pasta possibilities! 

Ready to take your pasta game to the next level? Here's 5 easy and essential pasta sauces every home cook should have up their sleeve, to help you master the art of perfect pasta dishes for a lifetime.

Let's grab a box of Three Farm Daughters pasta and get started - if you're feeling saucy, that is...



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With these 5 versatile homemade pasta sauces in your repertoire, you'll be set for a lifetime of classic, creative, and innovative pasta dishes!


Looking for an elegant, silky sauce that delicately drapes each pasta shape in bold flavor, whilst also letting your other ingredients shine? Meet the ultimate dressing for almost any pasta dish you can imagine!

This ultra-versatile, stir-through sauce practically cooks itself - making it the ideal companion for quick pasta meals with a multitude of mix-ins!

Garlic, butter and parmesan cheese bring a dose of luxury, and a bright burst of lemony tang offsets the richness so pasta dishes spring to life. The magic really happens with a splash of pasta cooking water from the pot, stirring up a delicate, glossy and velvety sauce that sings with lively flavor and a lightness that can't be beat.

We love it over Rotini or Penne with grilled zucchini and pine nuts, sauteed mushrooms and hazelnuts, asparagus and thyme, or even in our Roasted Broccoli-Garlic Pasta with toasted almonds. Toss in some lean protein like grilled chicken, cannellini beans or chickpeas for a complete, flavorful and nutrient-dense dinner!

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It’s tough to improve on the classics… But one taste of this revamped iconic dish changes the game. While you may already be acquainted with basic pesto eaten simply the traditional way - you likely haven't had it like this before or would ever dream of going back after one bite!

In this delicious rendition, aromatic basil pesto is topped with vinegary-sweet roasted tomatoes, then flecked with the waxy crunch of toasted pine nuts. Think Caprese flavors - but deeper, toastier, better.

This beautifully simple pasta recipe celebrates Italy’s most divine flavors in all their glory, whilst standing in as the perfect antidote to busy weeknights in the modern world. Just add some al dente  Penne or shape of your liking: Your pasta repertoire just won't be the same without it...


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We created our Rotini to have tall enough sides in the “swirl” to hold whatever topping you put on it, making it the ultimate all-round versatile pasta shape for any recipe your heart desires!

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You may know it best as white sauce, cheese sauce or mornay - but whatever name this all-star French classic goes by at your place, it always translates to delicious.

Endlessly versatile; this silky, rich and creamy sauce is one of the basics you’ll need in your back pocket to create all kinds of incredible pasta recipes. From au gratin dishes like lasagna, pasta bake, and cauliflower cheese, to light and luxurious stir-throughs with ham, mushrooms, peas and more.

Begin with a roux of equal parts butter and flour, whisk in warm milk, and build from there. This delicate, milky sauce takes on any flavor you introduce to it - traditionally, nutmeg, cloves and bay leaves, or melting cheeses like gruyere, parmesan or white cheddar. Layer it in our Not-So-Classic Lasagna or pour it over some al dente Elbows to take your taste buds to a new level of lusciousness!



There's nothing basic about this classic, traditional bolognese sauce... In fact, this rapid-fire rendition is so rich, delicious and umami-packed you'll want to dollop it on everything! Better yet, it comes together in short order but tastes like time-honored tradition, making it the perfect star of the show when you need impressive restaurant-quality flavor that's big, bold, and robust. 

Endlessly versatile, this sumptuous sauce is an extra-special addition to family feasts, weeknight meals or elaborate baked dishes. Layer it in oozy, cheesy pasta casseroles and lasagnas, spoon it over toasted sourdough slices or scrambled eggs for Boxing Day brunch, or mix it through your favorite alfredo recipe for a surprisingly savory pink sauce. Even piled high on a bed of simple al dente  Rotini and scattered with parmesan, it's a savory taste sensation you'll be dreaming about long after dinner's done.

While it's a meaty, unctuous mouthful, this sauce is also completely vegan-adaptable! For a convincing vegetarian or vegan version, simply switch out the ground beef, butter and parmesan cheese for plant-based alternatives.


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Holding its ground with the heaviest of sauces and toppings, our Cavatappi quickly rises to the top of your must-have list!

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Who knew that Penne alla Vodka - everyone’s favorite pasta at the local Italian trattoria - was not only super simple to make at home, but speedy too?

This creamy tomato sauce is deceptively delicious, and the secret behind its rich tang and velvety texture is a generous scoop of concentrated tomato paste. Unlock the most authentic restaurant-worthy flavors by using the highest quality ingredients you can get your hands on. All that’s missing is unlimited breadsticks!


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Our Three Farm Daughters’ Penne is crafted to have the perfect sized opening to trap sauce on the inside and the perfect length with bold ridges on the outside to.. you guessed it, HOLD MORE SAUCE!

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From the Three Farm Daughters family to yours, we wish you the very best in health, happiness and abundance for 2023!

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