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The Recipe Binder

The Recipe Binder

Three Farm Daughters Store

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We will be some of the first to tell you how much we love finding a new recipe online but messy fingers and the 30 seconds you have before your phone light times out are a recipe for a pretty sticky phone by the time dinner is served. 

We created our Three Farm Daughters’ Recipe Binder to store all of your favorite, tried and true recipes in one, adorable place. Scribble notes in the margin, star your favorite, or pull them out to share with a friend. Sharing is caring but when you’re sharing a recipe, it’s the ultimate form of caring! Don’t forget to grab the matching Divider Tabs! 

This binder was created to be reminiscent of the farm. It includes a lot of farm items like the handy dandy Stanley thermos, the Playmate Red cooler (probably full of sandwiches) and other items we love or use in our kitchens often like sourdough starter, french press, olive oil, farm fresh eggs, basil, mixer, charcuterie board (hello Friday night!), and a large dutch oven to feed the whole family plus have some leftovers! We hope you love stocking this binder FULL of your favorite recipes! We sure do. 

The Recipe Binder holds up to 300 standard sheets of paper and the cover is finished with a wipe clean gloss material.

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