Vote for 3 Farm Daughters in the Battle of the Brands!

It's the Three Farm Daughters with a huge announcement!

We've recently been selected to take part in the Battle of the Brands for a chance to be featured on a new TV show "Behind the Wrapper "starring Marc Summers - and we need your help!

In order for us to win the competition, we need more votes than our competitor - think you can help us out and vote for us?

After voting, you'll be entered to win a full year's supply of the winning brand's product and you'll receive an exclusive 25% off discount code to use on Three Farm Daughters pasta! 

Sounds good? Here's how to vote:

  1. Click any link in this blog post to go to the voting page 
  2. Watch the trailers between us and out competitor, Big Tree Farms
  3. Vote!
  4. Share, share, share the link to your friends and family

Voting ends this Sunday, September 4th, and it takes less than a minute to vote.

Thank you for your continued support, and keep an eye on your email for your 25% off code and to see if you won the year's supply of the winner's product after voting. Click the button below to get started, hopefully we'll see you on TV!


It's all thanks to 3 Farm family members like yourself that we've been able to grow as much as we have, and we'd be honored to have you take part to help us grow even further. If we all come together, we can win this!

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