How to Build Your Own Pasta Night Gift Hamper, in 3 Easy Steps

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- the ultimate pasta night gift basket -

Ever find yourself feeling stumped for sweet, creative and affordable gift ideas for all those important people in your life? It’s no secret that gourmet hampers have always been a safe choice for gifting to practically anyone… They strike just the right balance of crowd-pleasing yet thoughtful, which is perfect if you've been pondering the perfect present for tricky-to-shop-for people!

Those premade hampers you find in stores and online do have a few drawbacks, however...

If you’ve ever received a readymade hamper or shopped for one to give as a gift, you’ll surely know that their contents can often be hit-or-miss, too random and generic, or just plain unappetizing. And the worst part? They always seem to cost an absolute fortune! 

So, why not DIY it and create one yourself from scratch? This holiday season and beyond, skip those overpriced, uninspiring store-bought baskets: For a fraction of the cost and a whole lot more flavor, you can put together a handcrafted pasta hamper that's full of heart instead!

The best news? Everybody loves pasta - and when you present this all-star ingredient with some classic sidekicks, sauces, and accompaniments needed for an indulgent pasta feast, it's a gift that'll go down in history as one of the most thoughtful things they've ever received!

Here's how to create the most gorgeous Pasta Night Gift Hamper (without breaking the bank!) in just 3 easy steps: 

pick a functional & fun container

First up, here's your cue to get creative with the container itself! Of course, you can keep things sweet and simple with a cute gift box or traditional wicker basket lined with a pretty dish towel or two... But if you really want to crank things up a notch, why not try something functional and fun that’ll get plenty of use in their kitchen for years to come?

Think versatile vessels they can use to store, serve, and cook their favorite pasta in - long after your delicious gourmet gifts inside have been devoured! Bring some razzle dazzle to your hamper with one of these charming ideas as a basket alternative...

try building your hamper in:

• A rustic wooden crate 
• A big, beautiful colander in their favorite color
• A pasta pot or high-sided sautee pan
• A stylish Tote Bag designed for foodies

•  A casserole dish lined with a pretty dish towel 
• A generously-sized pasta serving dish
• An antique bread bin or cake stand
• A hand-painted ceramic salad bowl 



Try all 4 of our Signature Pasta shapes!
Each sampler pack comes with 1 box each of Penne, Cavatappi, Rotini & Elbows

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fill it with gourmet goodies

Next, it's time to fill your gift hamper with your very own handpicked collection of gourmet pasta-themed delights! If you're wondering what kind of items to include, the pasta-bilities  are truly endless... And although there's no hard or fast rules about which sauces, utensils and accompaniments to add, you really can't go wrong when you choose the best quality ingredients you can get your hands on...

1. pick the perfect pasta

First up, a premium pasta is absolutely essential for the ultimate pasta night. Start building out your hamper with a few packages of Three Farm Daughters Pasta, available in crowd-pleasing shapes like Penne, Rotini, Cavatappi & Elbow Macaroni. These incomparably delicious pastas can't be beat on taste, texture, and nutrition - plus, they're gorgeously giftable thanks to their stylish box that lets everyone know you're about to experience something truly special!

2. select the sidekicks

After the pasta boxes are arranged in the hamper, it's time to add a selection of essentials they'll need for pasta night success: You'll find all the right treats to spoil any self-confessed pasta connoisseur at your local fine food market, homewares store, farmer's market and Italian grocer.

3. get creative!

To help you get the ball rolling on your hamper, check out our classic Italian-inspired ideas below, featuring some thoughtful sidekicks that make pasta dinners oh-so special. From toppings and sauces to handy pasta-themed utensils, here's a quick-starter list that should get your creative juices flowing!

ideas for edible gourmet essentials:

An assortment of 3 Farm Daughters Pastas
• A wedge of the best Parmigiano Reggiano
• selection of high-quality pasta sauces
• Truffle or garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil
• Flavored Pesto like pistachio & red pepper
 Marinated artichokes, olives & sundried tomatoes
• Cured meats like prosciutto, salami & bresaola
• Imported Italian San Marzano canned tomatoes 

• Aged Balsamic di Modena, DOP 
• Smoked salmon & tinned anchovies 
• Nuts to garnish like pine nuts & flaked almonds
• Artisan flavored salts like truffle, lemon &herb
• Limoncello liqueur or boutique local wines
• Craft Italian blood orange soda 
• Something sweet for dessert like biscotti
• Pralines & chocolate-coated espresso beans


• Beautiful kitchen linens like dish towels &napkins 
• Microplane grater for parmesan & lemon zest
•  A handy garlic press 
• Pasta spoons & serving utensils
• A chic and stylish Apron 

• Enamel colander or pasta strainer 
• Cute kitchen timers
•  A Recipe Binder to organize their pasta menus 
•  A beautiful olive oil pourer bottle 
• Mortar & Pestle for making pesto



Try all 4 of our Signature Pasta shapes!
Each sampler pack comes with 1 box each of Penne, Cavatappi, Rotini & Elbows

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finesse your finishing touches

We bet things are looking pretty delicious by now! To finish your glorious gourmet gift, all that's left to do is add some final flourishes. Here's our top tips for the most thoughtful gift hamper giving, to ensure your Pasta Night basket is hands-down the best gift they'll ever receive...

go for maximum flavor & flair

When gifting, always choose the best-quality prepared foods you can get your hands on for maximum flavor and flair! Select artisan-made goods like small-batch sauces, pesto, antipasto and cheeses from fine food purveyors, plus better-for-you pasta from Three Farm Daughters - these small switch-ups make a world of difference to your gorgeous gourmet gifts!

factor in refrigeration!

• If you’re not confident they’ll be close to a fridge for a few hours, be sure to gift shelf-stable food items like jarred pasta sauces and dry-cured salami that don’t require prompt chilling for food safety.

• However, if you know they can pop any chilled items in the fridge straight away, push the boat out with some artisan fresh pasta sauces you've homemade yourself or purchased from the farmer’s market, along with some other interesting chilled goods like fresh Burrata cheese or charcuterie meats from the deli.

give the gift of pasta options 

Include a variety of different pasta shapes to keep things exciting! When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with our Pasta Sampler - with a shape to suit every sauce, you’ll be sure to delight even the most discerning pasta aficionado!

fill in the gaps

Got some lonely-looking spots in your gift basket? Fill any empty spaces with individually-wrapped Italian chocolates in festive bonbon wrappers, small packages of condiments like flavored salt, or some lightly crumpled gift tissue paper in a pinch. 

one final, luxurious flourish...

Adorn your hamper with a big and beautiful bow using with the very best fabric ribbon you can find - For the ultimate luxe look, choose a wide, high-quality ribbon in a sleek satin, plush velvet, or elegant organza finish. Beautiful ribbons not only elevate the finished look, but are perfect for reusing as a sweet hair accessory or for craft projects!

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You can always give us a holler using this inquiry form if you have any questions or need anything at all! Our professional team of pasta-loving customer support specialists will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect gift this holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by, have a safe and joyful festive season!

xoxo, The Three Farm Daughters ~

happy holidays from all of us here at the farm!

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