How 3 Farm Daughters Compares to Other Pasta in 2023

At Three Farm Daughters, we don’t just make any old pasta. We produce high quality, better-for-you foods raised from the ground up, resulting in the healthiest, most delicious pasta you can put on your table.

Now, we get it… There’s aisles of different pasta brands to choose from these days, so it can be tough to know which ones check all your boxes. Far too many brands come with strings attached such as unhealthy additives, texture that just won’t cut it, or not the great flavor you know and love. But Three Farm Daughters pasta is another story. We're here to finally end your search for the best pasta you’ve ever experienced.

In this breakdown, we’ll look at how our pasta stacks up against other brands on the market so you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt why our signature pasta is second to none.


  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Nutrition
  • Satisfaction Factor
  • Clean Label You Can Trust
  • Everyday Easy
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Special Dietary Considerations
  • Company Values
  • Convenience & Cost Effectiveness



Full-Bodied Flavor • Pure Character • Highlights Sauces

You’ve never tasted pasta like this before. Unlike regular pasta that’s bland, boring - and honestly, sometimes tastes like cardboard - Three Farm Daughters pasta is something else entirely.

Those other ‘healthy' pasta brands have some explaining to do… 

Each delicious bite is packed with character, bursting with the toasty flavor of our Durum wheat kissed by golden rays of North Dakota sunshine. 

Although it’s forward on flavor, our signature pasta plays nice with anything you can dream of pairing it with - adding a comforting homegrown taste to every dish while allowing your sauces and toppings to shine. 


Bland Flavor • Mass-Produced Cardboard Taste



Bronze Cut • Al dente Every Time • Satisfying Bite

Notice something different about the appearance of our pastas? If you haven’t met them in person yet, zoom in on the picture and check out that amazing texture.

You won’t see any shiny, bright yellow pasta that looks like it’s made of plastic here.

Our shapes are a cut above, with a deliciously textured surface designed to hold more sauce and give your finished dishes a satisfying bite thanks to our artisan Bronze Cut process. 

This traditional method pushes pasta dough through our own special bronze dies that form and cut each shape, resulting in our signature gritty surface that puts the focus on flavor and form.

Our thicker-structured shapes, bronze dies, and specially-milled semolina combine to create pastas with hearty character that cook up to al dente perfection every time. If mushy, overcooked noodles that fall apart on your fork are ruining your pasta masterpieces, make the switch to Three Farm and experience pasta with gusto.


Slimy Texture • Overcooks Easily • Mushy Bite • Too Slippery to Hold Sauces



High Fiber • Protein-Rich • Lower Calories • Sodium-Free • Natural Probiotics

Naturally, nutrition is an important factor for us, so we set out to create a pasta we could feel good about enjoying and serving to our family.

Because let’s be honest, while we could all benefit from eating a little better, life often gets in the way of meal prepping and strict nutrition plans - so why not make pasta that gets the job done? Mission accepted! 

I know what you’re thinking: Pasta dishes are infamously known to be a comfort food loaded with calories, right? Not when you start with a base of nutritionally-balanced Three Farm Daughters pasta that’s naturally high in protein, fiber, and prebiotics with zero sodium or additives. All that’s left is to top it off with your fresh homemade sauces full of vibrant veggies, low-fat dairy and lean protein, and you’ve got a square meal you can smile about.

Unlike the over-processed pastas you’re used to seeing on grocery store shelves, our entire range of pasta shapes have a healthy secret behind all that delicious taste…

With 78% more Fiber, 13% more Protein and 10% less Calories than other brands, Three Farm Daughters fits perfectly into your healthy eating plan, so you can fit perfectly into your favorite jeans while getting all the nutrition you need to feel bright and energized.


Low Fiber • Empty Calories • Lacks Nutrients

Satisfaction Factor


Keeps You Feeling Full Longer • No Bloating • Zero Heavy Feeling

Ever had a bowl of pasta that left you feeling bloated afterwards?

Or tried one of those ‘healthy pasta’ alternatives that left you rummaging in the fridge after dinner because you were still starving and unsatisfied?

Three Farm Daughters pasta puts an end to those hassles, dishing up the satisfaction of feeling comfortably full after a delicious meal packed with goodness - minus any sluggish heaviness. We believe pasta should never be a trade-off between feeling nourished and worried that you’ve overindulged, so we came up with the ideal solution that makes pasta a perfect staple you can enjoy anytime.

Unlike other pastas on the market that lacks substance and nutrients, our robust shapes are crafted from our special variety of wheat that’s naturally high in, fiber, and prebiotic and 10% lower in calories This helps you feel fuller for longer, more satisfied after a smaller serving, and avoids the bloating and heavy feeling you usually get from lower quality pastas.


Lacks Satisfying Substance • Slows Digestion • Encourages Overeating • Causes Bloating

Clean Label You Can Trust


Simple Goodness • No Fillers • No Dyes • Zero Preservatives • Non-GMO Verified

Here at Three Farm Daughters, we’re all about transparency. Our clean label has nothing to hide; just two simple ingredients: Pure, non-GMO wheat flour and Durum wheat semolina. But more importantly, let’s talk about what you won’t find in any of our products… We’re talking preservatives, additives and so-called ‘enrichments’. If we can’t pronounce an ingredient, it has no business on our table.

In case you weren’t aware, many other dried pasta brands on the market are known to sneak all sorts of nasties into their products. These hidden additives can range anywhere from emulsifiers designed to reduce stickiness, to thickeners that increase the pasta’s cooked weight - all the way up to artificial colors that make pasta a brighter shade of yellow, and toxic preservatives intended to extend the shelf life.

But it doesn’t stop there: Many brands also add enrichment vitamins to their pastas that seem innocent enough on the surface, but are actually just a way to get around labeling laws in some states. Turns out, these added vitamins aren’t that good for you at all - and the biggest pasta brands don’t want you to know that their enrichments are actually synthetic compounds formulated in a lab. That’ll be a no thanks from us. 

When you choose Three Farm Daughters, you can eat clean with confidence and serve your family good, honest food made from all-natural ingredients.


Potentially Toxic Additives • Preservatives • Dyes • Fillers • Synthetic Enrichments

Everyday Easy


Reheats Well • Easy to Cook • Holds its Shape

Pasta, meet practicality. We’ve all fallen victim to flimsy pastas that turn into a soggy, unappetizing mess if you leave them boiling for a moment too long. Not to mention the ones that say they’ll be cooked perfectly in a given time, only to be gooey on the outside and rock hard in the center when your timer goes off. 

And when it comes to leftovers, good luck serving that glued-together blob to anyone with the gift of sight the following day…

We knew there had to be a better way. Busy lifestyles mean round-two dinners are a regular occurrence in our households, and after creating our Three Farm Daughters pasta, we actually look forward to leftovers!

In stark contrast to almost every pasta we’ve ever tried, these clever pasta shapes make easy work of reheats and even stand up well in pasta salads. They hold their shape and maintain a sturdy texture on Day 2, Day 3, and… honestly, that’s as long as this delicious pasta has ever lasted in our fridge before being devoured.

For everyday easy pasta that is effortless to cook, gets dinner on the table in 15 minutes flat, and stands the test of time, Three Farm Daughters have your back.


Soggy Leftovers • Tricky to Cook • Clumps Together

Quality Ingredients


Nurtured Soil = Nurtured Ingredients = Highest Quality Products

From great lands and traditions come exceptional products, and Three Farm Daughters is no different. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, and our time-honored growing,, and production process results in superior quality wheat - which means the most delicious, nutritionally-complete pasta around.

We can’t vouch for our competitors’ crops, as most big pasta manufacturers rely on imported wheat from various international sources.

But we do know one thing for sure: The exceptional farmers growing the Durum wheat we use in our pasta nurture the soil and harvest the grain with traditional farming practices, and you can seriously taste the difference - the pure, unspoiled ingredients in our pasta do all the talking.


Internationally Imported Wheat • Quantity Over Quality • Big Scale Production

Special Diet Friendly


Vegan • Nut-Free • Certified Kosher

Here at Three Farm Daughters, we’re committed to making pasta everyone can enjoy; no matter your unique dietary restrictions or requirements.

We’re doing our part to ensure our delicious pasta is right for a wide variety of dietary disciplines, because special diet considerations should never mean missing out on your favorite foods.

As such, our pasta products are carefully crafted in our nut-free facility that is Kosher Certified through UMKosher and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. While our facility is completely peanut and tree nut free, please keep in mind that our pastas are made from wheat and are processed in a plant in which dairy and eggs may be present.

Another health benefit of choosing Three Farm Daughters is that our pasta is sodium-free and does not spike blood sugar levels, making it a wonderful addition to low-sodium and other related diets.

We understand that special dietary requirements are not just a part of life, but something to be respected and honored, from our family to yours. If you’re following a special diet, please reach out to us to discuss how our artisan pasta can fit into your eating plan.


Roll the Dice...

Company Values


100% USA-Made • Majority Women-Owned • Farmer & Family Owned • Full Transparency

Call us sentimental - but when we founded Three Farm Daughters, our vision was not just focused on elevating everyday pantry staples and creating better-for-you foods. Part of the reason we’re here today is to carry forth the principles handed down to us by our parents, Paul and Susie Sproule.

They taught us the value of hard work, grit, and determination; giving us the courage to chase our dreams and co-create this movement together as sisters, mothers, and entrepreneurs. 

Another big part of our mission was honoring the simple joys that each and every one of us has before us: Community, family, and abundant lands that nurture our bodies and souls. During our schooling, it only became more apparent that our hearts belong back on our family farm in Grand Forks, North Dakota: The place we learned that you always reap what you sow in life.

While all of our Three Farm Daughters products have their own character, they’re all deeply rooted in our farming heritage. They are and always will be 100% grown, milled, and made in the U.S.A. We proudly support the local community and American jobs at our farm, serving up foods that feel good and do good. We’re thrilled you’ve taken a seat at the table.  


Multinational Corporations • Big Biz Ethics

Convenience & Cost Effectiveness


Skip the Store • Delivery to Your Door • Bundle or Subscribe to Save More

We’re all for convenience, especially when you need to feed your family in a flash or fuel up after a long day at work. With our easy-to-navigate website, you can skip the trip to the grocery store and opt for our handy online checkout. In just a few clicks, you can have delicious pasta delivered to your doorstep, ready to cook when you are.

We’re all for convenience, especially when you need to feed your family in a flash or fuel up after a long day at work. With our easy-to-navigate website, you can skip the trip to the grocery store and opt for our handy online checkout. In just a few clicks, you can have delicious pasta delivered to your doorstep, ready to cook when you are.

To make things even easier and budget-friendly, we offer several options for our hassle-free pasta. You can order a pack of your favorite shape, a Variety Pack with two different shapes, or try them all with the Pasta Sampler.

Either way, we’ll ship your pasta right to your door, saving you hours in the checkout line and commuting to the store. If you’d like to make things official, we also offer a Subscribe & Save option on all our single-shape bundles where we’ll auto-ship your favorite pasta every month.

Say hello to hassle-free, healthy pasta in a few clicks with Three Farm Daughters. Who knew pasta could become even more convenient?


Time-Consuming Grocery Runs • No Bulk Discounts

As you can see, our hassle-free healthy pasta brings something truly unique to the table. Unlike the big brand pastas you’re used to, our products mean you never have to forgo your favorite food or compromise nutrition for the sake of taste. With Three Farm Daughters, you truly can have your pasta and eat it too.

Make the switch to better pasta today and enjoy 10% off your first order by subscribing to our newsletter - we’re confident you’ll discover your new favorite shape in our signature collection.

Thank you for supporting our mission to bring better-for-you foods to tables across America. 

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Your pasta is hands down the BEST we’ve ever purchased (restaurants entrees included). Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo was dinner last night…. you have our business forever!

Jill R Watkins

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