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Hey there it's Grace, the youngest daughter!  👋   As a mom of two little boys (3 and 8 months) life seems to be going by so fast with the normal daily routine of raising a business and babies. Today, I'm excited to share a snapshot of some things that have been adding a little extra joy to my routine. I'm all for romanticizing our everyday lives. Because why not? Life is short. Light the fancy candles you have tucked away in your closet that you're saving for a special occasion. Just a casual weeknight at home around the dinner table is worth lighting them for! Alright now for the list…

  1. I'm loving my Owala water bottle – the perfect companion for a gal on the go. The lock top allows for you to be able to throw it in your  diaper bag without worrying about a spill.  It's a chug or sip (unreal!), you won't find me these days without it! I went through my Stanley phase and I still love stanleys however it's so nice not having to worry about any spills!


  1. Our 3 Farm Daughters Cavatappi (of course!!!). With the seasons changing, hotdish is a must! 

3. As a former esthetician, I don't take my skincare recommendations lightly. When I say this skincare is amazing…I mean it! I'm so obsessed. Its PUFA free, essential oil free and saturated fat based. My routine is Chamomile Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Marshmallow Hydrosol, Ghee Balm and Tallow Stick. I crawl into bed looking like a glazed donut and love it. So hydrating and lovely. I also love their Micro Exfoliant and Shea Butter. 

4. I crush over all things Mate the Label. Non toxic, organic loungewear…need I say more? This sleep dress is so amazing. One of these days I'm going to treat myself to their sweat sets. 

5. Her music is on repeat on my Spotify.  

6. This stuff is so amazing. I love to apply it all over my face as a first step in my makeup routine. Or i love to add one pump to my foundation for an extra glowy look. 

7. Caramel Apple Dip but make it more nourishing.  My son and I are obsessed with this snack right now. All you need is a food processor and add  one 22oz tub of cottage cheese, 2 tbsp of raw cocoa powder, 2 scoops collagen, 2 tbsp raw cane sugar, 1-2 tbsp maple syrup OR  just do cottage cheese, 2 scoops Perfect Supplements Chocolate, 2 tbsp maple syrup and blitz on high until super creamy and smooth. Then top with flaky sea salt and chocolate chips. We dip honeycrisp apples in it. It's the perfect 3PM snack. 

8. Our 3 Farm Daughters office has been under construction and our project is nearly finished. (Eek!!!) We will for sure reveal the new office on socials soon so stay tuned for that BUT I found this incredible fruit bowl to display in our new kitchen and it's the perfect earthy, feminine. texturey vibe for our office. I have one in my cart for my house cause it's just that cute. 

9. I have been in a major claw clip era since we welcomed our second baby into our family. I hope the internet keeps claw clips cool forever because I'm really digging the convenience of them in my current season of life. 

10. My hottest mom tip for any mom is just wear the baby. All the time. I have all the carriers. I use them all the time. They've been my best purchase as a mom, I'm convinced. The wildbird wraps are so cute, and keep baby so close. I love the fabric and all of the patterns they come in. I love the baby stage and contact naps but honestly it's not aways possible when you need to go about life throghout the day. Baby wearing makes that possible! Best of both worlds and baby is so happy to be in his little nook. 

11. One of my friends introduced me to this toothpaste and it's so good. It's almost like a tooth polish and when you're done brushing your teeth feel silky smooth and cleeean!!

I hope you've loved this snippet of a few of my current favorite things. If you liked this post, let us know!!! What else would you like to see on our blog? The pastabilities are endless!

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