3 Show-Stopping Charcuterie Board Recipes to Impress Your Guests


The season of entertaining at home is officially upon us, which always means one thing: It’s time to dust off our most delightful servingware and brainstorm a bunch of delicious appetizers, snacks and communal feasts to share with our favorite people in the world.

And when a gaggle of hungry guests arrive on your doorstep, there’s simply no better welcome than a beautiful Charcuterie Board, artfully adorned with everyone's favorite antipasto and flavorful nibbles.

Endlessly versatile for any occasion, charcuterie boards aren't just great conversation-starters: They make for a dazzling standalone meal on casual girls' nights, an impressive centerpiece at holiday gatherings, or a festive starter on pasta night that'll hold everyone over till the main event.

While Charcuterie Boards may sound super fancy, these Instagram-worthy appetizers can be as simple or luxurious as you like. These edible works of art are so easygoing, in fact, that they'll answer to almost any name: You may know them best as grazing plates, cheese boards, or even party platters in your neck of the woods...

But no matter what you call them at your place, these easy-prep, crowd-pleasing snack boards never fail to bring everyone together and get the *dinner* party started. 

With this guide, you'll master the art of making delicious charcuterie boards, thanks to our easy-peasy blueprint for snacking success. Then, you'll find all the inspiration you need to build your first delicious creation with our 3 easy kickstarter recipe ideas below. Let's overhaul your appetizers!

the 8 golden rules of charcuterie boards 

Your imagination really is the only limit when assembling a delicious charcuterie spread… But there are a few pointers that can really take your flavor pairings from mismatched to magnificent!

Follow these 8 golden rules and you’ll always feel confident building impressive (and delicious!) charcuterie creations your guests won’t be able to stop talking about:  

8. choose a stunning board

Start off with a sturdy, generous-sized board so you’ll have ample space to showcase all your eye-catching bites, plus room on the side for utensils like cheese knives and dipping spoons.

We recommend the new Limited Edition Charcuterie Board by Three Farm Daughters - it’s the ideal foundation for serving everything from elegant grazing boards to rustic country breads and indulgent dessert platters. Grab yours below before they sell out!

charcuterie board

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Excite the palate with a couple of different cheeses, in a range of styles and flavor profiles. Contrasting textures and tastes are key here, so don’t be shy to mix things up.

Try oozy soft cheeses like a creamy washed-rind Brie; a crumbly, hard-aged Parmesan; plus a zesty, piquant Blue or Goats Cheese to provide plenty of variety and interest.


Next, add some salty, full-bodied umami flavors to bring a hearty, satisfying element that rounds out your board and makes it feel like a meal.

Thinly-sliced cured meats like prosciutto and salamis are popular choices, along with European pâtés, flavor-forward antipastos, marinated grilled veggies, rustic dips, and olives.


To unlock the most incredible flavor combos, bring on the "bliss factor" by offsetting your salty bites with some sweet counterpoints. 

Think aged cheeses drizzled with wildflower honey or fruit preserves, jammy Medjool dates, dried apricots, bright, juicy grapes & strawberries, or artisan crispbreads studded with dried figs.


No charcuterie board is complete without a variety of exciting crackers to pile high with delicious toppings. Don’t forget, your crackers are so much more than just vehicles for flavor - when paired well, they’ll actually enhance the meats, cheeses and antipasto you put on them!

Offer a range of density and crunchiness options, like twice-baked gourmet crispbreads flecked with seeds, flaky, buttery crackers, and light-as-air wafers that melt on the tongue.


Next, it's time to tumble over some freshly-toasted nuts for a warm, buttery crunch and addicting richness beyond compare. Get creative with spiced cashews, glazed pecans, flavored pistachios or meaty smoked almonds to complement the theme of your board.


All these luscious cheeses, meats and savories could use a bit of contrast! The bright, vinegary crunch of pickled and preserved veggies adds a welcome acidic kick, refreshing the palate and cutting through the richness of cheese and dips to keep things light.

Try zippy piquillo peppers, snappy cornichons and briny olives to give your board a vibrant lift.

1. play your “Wildcard”

There’s nothing quite like adding an extra-special item to your charcuterie board that throws a curveball at everyone's taste buds!

Think bacon-wrapped dates, fried arancini balls, Greek vine leaf dolmades, grilled Halloumi cheese, crystallized violets, or even chocolate-dipped strawberries!


Now, let’s apply what we’ve learned and use the 8 golden rules of charcuterie-board-building to plan what should go on your next masterpiece!

And don’t forget - as impressive, beautiful and delicious as they are, charcuterie boards never need to be fussy or complicated. If in doubt, be guided by global flavors: Try picking a theme or favorite cuisine to ensure your flavor palette is echoed cohesively throughout the entire platter.

Have fun playing with different textures and temperatures, as well as the balance of sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy. (You might just discover a new taste sensation nobody’s tried before!)

Here's 3 charcuterie board kickstarter ideas to spark your inspiration - featuring a luscious vegetarian feast, plus two grazing boards that whisk your tastebuds straight to the Mediterranean...


The Board: Charcuterie Board from Three Farm Daughters

The Cheeses: Fresh Burrata, Aged Parmigiano Reggiano, Truffle Pecorino, Gorgonzola Dolce 

The Savory Bites: Prosciutto, Salumi, Bresaola, Hot Soppressata, 'Nduja Spread, Olive Tapenade, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Marinated Artichokes, Grilled Eggplant

The Sweetness: Strawberries with Balsamic Glaze, Soft-Dried Figs, Peach Mostarda, Frozen Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine

The Nuts: Marcona Almonds, Toasted Pine Nuts, Shelled Pistachios

The Zest: Marinated Mixed Olives, Giardiniera, Pickled Roasted Red Peppers

The Crunch: Crostini, Toasted Rustic Italian Bread, Olive Oil Crackers with Rosemary

The Wildcard: Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms, Prosciutto-Wrapped Cantaloupe, Arancini Risotto Balls, Balsamic-Roast Tomatoes with Pesto


The Board: Charcuterie Board from Three Farm Daughters

The Cheeses: Manchego, Cabra al Vino (red wine-infused goats cheese), Valdeon Spanish Blue

The Savory Bites: Jamon Iberico Ham, Dry-Cured Chorizo, Romesco Dip, Spanish Pates

The Sweetness: Quince Paste, Dried Apricots, Pomegranate Arils, Orange Blossom Honey, Fresh Mission Figs, Roasted Red Peppers

The Nuts: Smoked Marcona Almonds, Pistachios, Toasted Hazelnuts

The Zest: Manzanilla Olives, Spanish Capers in Vinegar, Hot Green Pickled Chilis, Cornichons, Pimento-Stuffed Green Olives

The Crunch: Pan con Tomate (tomato-rubbed toasted baguette), Oven-Crisped Pita Wedges, Wholewheat Rosemary Crackers 

The Wildcard: Bacon-Wrapped Dates, Spanish Tortilla Wedges, Spicy Patatas Bravas with Aioli, Ham Croquetas

1. vegetarian mezze platter ideas

The Board: Charcuterie Board from Three Farm Daughters

The Cheeses: Triple-Cream Brie, Sharp Aged Cheddar, Marinated Feta Cubes, Non-Dairy Almond Ricotta with Honey & Thyme

The Savory Bites: Marinated Grilled Artichoke Hearts, Baba Ghanoush, Semi-Dried Tomatoes, Spiced Roasted Chickpeas, Grilled Zucchini Ribbons, Roasted Beet Hummus

The Sweetness: Caramelized Onion Jam, Fresh Bartlett Pears, Gingery Fig Preserves, Chilled Red Grapes, Blackberries

The Nuts: Toasted Walnuts, Truffled Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Maple-Glazed Pecans

The Zest: Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Mini Cornichon Pickles, Balsamic-Pickled Baby Onions

The Crunch: Hazelnut and Fig Crisps, Grissini Breadsticks, Parmesan Twists, Sesame Wafers

The Wildcard: Baked Brie Pastry Parcels with Blackberry Jam, Grilled Asparagus Spears with Aioli, Spinach & Feta Filo Cigars 

Served up some visually-stunning snacks on your Three Farm Daughters Charcuterie Board yet? We want to see your works of art - Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram

charcuterie board

by three farm Daughters

Our new charcuterie board is the perfect pairing to delicious pasta feasts, holiday gatherings, girls' nights, romantic evenings and even picnics!

It not only functions as a beautiful charcuterie board, but a stylish way to serve rustic breads, antipasto, fruit, and dessert grazing boards. Each limited edition board is one-of-a-kind & handcrafted in Grand Forks, ND from local Ambrosia Maple.


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Keep the feast rolling with a simple, easy-to-prepare pasta dish for the main course: Head over to our Top 20 Quick & Easy Pasta Recipes where you’ll find plenty of elegant pasta mains to suit your soiree!

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