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Mollie here, middle daughter and proud mom of a spunky 3-year-old girl and my joyful 8-month-old son! 👋 As a working mom, there's nothing I cherish more than the moments I get to spend at home—cozy, relaxed, and just lounging around with my favorite people. When I’m not in the office, you’ll often find me in my favorite sweatsuit, chasing after my little ones. I hope you enjoy this list of a few of my favorite things right now…

  1. When I get home my work shoes come off and Glerups go on! These slippers have a leather bottom and are made with a thick wool that keeps your feet dry. They are my go-to house shoes.


  1. These sweats are my fave! The quality you expect from Lululemon but instead of leggings…think thick buttery soft sweats! 

3. Both of my babies have loved these Saranoni baby  blankets! The perfect mix of warmth and comfort. (Pro-tip: they have adult sizes too!)

4. My hands are always full with bottles, sippy cups, my laptop,  you name it! This Loopy case keeps hanging on to your phone easy for even the busiest days. 

5. Its gonna be the smell for me! The hold is great too, without being sticky. 

6. What we eat, baby brother eats ;) So having this food mill on hand makes life a breeze. 

7. If you have some picky eaters in the house like I do, then you will love this mom hack. Sautee up some spinach and throw it in the food processor. Next add it to your favorite jar of alfredo sauce and voila - you have the nutrients from your spinach blended effortlessly into your creamy sauce. Garnish with red pepper flakes or parmesan and enjoy!

8. This exfoliating polish has become a part of my face washing ritual! It leaves your skin feeling super soft and removes a layer of that dry dead winter skin. 

9. I just got my first pair of these Shepard Goods- Lamb Chops sweats, and I can tell you right now these will be in regular rotation. Not only are they a cute relaxed fit, but they feature some really cute detailing! 

10. Me enjoying a hot cup of coffee? Who is she?? Well thanks to this Ember Mug I have been able to keep my coffee hotter longer at home! It's a must have. 

I hope you've loved this snippet of a few of my current favorite things. If you liked this post, let us know!!! What else would you like to see on our blog? The pastabilities are endless!

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