5 Global Flavors You'd Never Think to Pair with Pasta


Italian ingredients are surely the first thing that spring to mind when you think of typical pasta pairings…

But with World Pasta Day coming up this week on October 25th - we thought it would be fun to take our taste buds on a little adventure around the globe, to see what other cuisine crossovers exist in the wonderful world of pasta!

What exactly is World Pasta Day, you ask? For pasta lovers like ourselves, it’s just the most glorious food holiday we'll ever have the pleasure of observing...! 

A fairly new phenomenon as far as pasta history is concerned, it all started back in 1995 when 40 pasta makers from around the globe gathered in Rome to form the first ever World Pasta Congress.

Every October 25th since then, the International Pasta Organization hosts annual events to promote the versatility, nutrition & sustainability of pasta, whilst celebrating the impact it has made as the world's most cherished food. Now that’s a celebration we can get behind!

Need a bit more convincing that pasta has won hearts in every cuisine around the world? Here, we’ve rounded up some revolutionary fusion recipes, as living proof that pasta really is a super-versatile ingredient and a beautiful blank canvas for virtually any flavor combos you can imagine. 

Let's celebrate World Pasta Day 2022 and dig into some surprising international flavors to have made their mark on fusion pasta dishes around the globe: 

If you’ve never tried Greece’s answer to lasagna, you’re in for a real treat with Pastitsio! This traditional Greek dish of baked, layered pasta is best described as a shape-shifter; packing all the same comforting cheesy goodness as its Italian counterpart, but with a heady Mediterranean kick thanks to the cinnamon and kefalotiri cheese.

You can expect a similar taste to moussaka, but with pasta used in place of the eggplant and potatoes. When it comes to assembly, it's a whole lot easier than lasagna too - penne makes easy work of layering without those finicky lasagna sheets to wrestle!

With its fragrant-spiced meat sauce layered over cheesy bechamel and tender baked pasta, you may never look at lasagna the same way again. 


Prepare 1 box of 3 Farm Daughters Penne according to package directions, then set aside while you make the sauce layers.

Next, prepare your favorite meat sauce recipe, adding ¼ tsp cinnamon for a warmly spiced flavor. While this simmers, make a batch of your go-to bechamel sauce. Remove both pans from the heat to cool slightly, then stir 3 beaten eggs into the bechamel. Then it's time to get layering!

In a large baking dish, create alternating layers of penne, meat sauce and bechamel, sprinkling a handful of grated kefalotiri cheese between each layer. Top with a final layer of cheese and bake at 350°F for 45 mins until bubbly and golden. 

Is it just me, or do you always wish those snack-sized satay chicken skewers from your favorite Thai restaurant were just a few bites bigger? Although satay originated in Indonesia, these delicious grilled skewers are on the menu at our local Thai place and they're our perpetual go-to appetizer we always dream about between visits!

We can’t get enough of the sweet, savory and peanutty taste of satay sauce that makes juicy grilled chicken so addicting, and this macaroni salad keeps the unique flavor explosion going in the best of ways.


Prepare 1 box of 3 Farm Daughters Elbow Pasta according to package directions, then rinse briefly under cool water. Drain and transfer to a large bowl to chill in the fridge.

Meanwhile, microwave ⅓ cup peanut butter in a small microwave-safe bowl until melted. Add ¼ cup each of water, reduced-sodium soy sauce & brown sugar. Add 2 tbsp each of peanut oil and lime juice, plus 1 grated garlic clove. Whisk until combined, then pour dressing over the cooled elbow pasta.

Finally, mix in shredded carrots, spring onions, cilantro and shredded rotisserie chicken, then refrigerate for 2hrs. Top with crushed peanuts to serve.

We’re all familiar with classic southwest flavors and their affinity with carbs in all their delicious forms - cilantro rice, fideos soup, tortillas made from flour and cornmeal for wrapping tacos and burritos - and of course, the famous tortilla chip for your salsa dipping pleasure!

So naturally, it’s no surprise that pasta fits right in with Mexico’s lively lineup of robust, carby goodness. Just don't blame us if everyone asks you for the recipe at your next cookout!


Still not convinced that pasta likes to party south of the border? Our Zesty Mexican Street Corn Rotini will change all that!

The ultimate crowd-pleaser, this Mexican riff on pasta salad brings together chargrilled sweetcorn, avocado and black beans in a creamy, zesty dressing that turns every party into a fiesta!

Korean cooking knows just how to leverage sweet, spicy, savory and sour flavors profiles in perfect harmony - and if Beef Bulgogi or Korean BBQ are the only chances you’ve ever had to sample this lip-smacking cuisine, you’ll want to change that stat!

Set your taste buds ablaze with a marriage of heavenly flavors that sound a bit unusual at first, but make So. Much. Sense. (If spicy, sweet and pickled flavors get you going, you are going to love this.)


Cook 1 box of 3 Farm Daughters Cavatappi according to package directions.

Meanwhile, saute some minced shallots & garlic until fragrant, then add 1 tbsp each of tomato paste & Korean Gochujang chili paste. Simmer briefly to wake up the chili paste, then add 2 tbsp each of hoisin sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil & lime juice.

Toss spicy dressing through cooked cavatappi with a little kimchi or a mix of shredded carrots, bell peppers & cabbage. Top with sliced spring onions and sesame seeds and serve at once!

We couldn’t resist wrapping up today’s round-the-world pasta adventure with a quick stop Down Under!

To be totally honest, this recipe actually began as a joke from one of our recipe developers here at the 3 Farms Test Kitchen (who happens to be an Aussie expat & proud Vegemite lover ) - But even she thought this wacky pasta pairing might be too much of an “acquired taste” for most! 

Still, we love trying new things so we didn’t let that stop us. Turns out, the touch of Vegemite in this delicate buttery sauce makes this unusual pasta dish surprisingly creamy, savory, and... (dare we say it) amazing.


Prepare 1 box of 3 Farm Daughters Penne according to package directions.

Meanwhile, saute some mushrooms and garlic in butter. Stir in 1 tsp of Vegemite with a big ladle of starchy pasta cooking water, then toss through cooked penne. Add some peas and grilled chicken, if you please. Top with parmesan and parsley, and prepare to have your mind blown.

WORD TO THE WISE: When we say to use no more than a teaspoon of Vegemite, we’re not beating around the bush - this stuff is powerful, mate!

So, how will you be paying tribute to the world’s most delicious ingredient this week?

We’ll be grabbing our most adventurous foodie friends, hosting a pasta potluck party and feasting on some of the most exciting pasta dishes the world has to offer.

Share your World Pasta Day plans with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to take plenty of pics of your celebrations and tag us on Instagram!

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